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Hard Disk Drives are most primary storage source used for storage of numerous data frequently all along the globe. Computer Storage services India (CSSI) provides data recovery services from every type of hard disk drives and SSD’s drive. Every day, CSSI recovers a solid state and hard drives from USA, Europe, India, Asia, and Brazil and from Africa. With over 55,000 recovered cases, our capability of recovery is extensive; employing some of the most sophisticated technology available and the company also has won a Ministerial award for its research and development in Science and Technology. All brands and types of devices (SATA, eSATA, 1.8”, Micro drives, Fiber Channel (FC), IDE, Notebook drives (2.5”), SCSI, SAS and SSD’s) can be recovered in lab or through our remote data recovery service. More often than not, the data recovery would be able to recover some or all of the data that was lost. We at CSSI work by scanning your entire hard disk, finding the data, mapping out the data, and then recovering the data. We help you recover as many different data formats as possible that a window user would typically use.

Drive Failures: To deal with all cases of physical hard drive failures and retrieve your lost data, you need to head towards India CSSI for the best hard drive and solid state data recovery. The two major causes of drive failure, they are logical failures and physical (device) failures. In both cases such data loss events may become complex and require specialist expertise and unique tools, labs, clean rooms and techniques. In most cases the physical issues have to first be repaired before access to data can be attained and CSSI’s engineering team are capable and trained to the highest standards to handle your unique data loss cases.

Logical Drive Failure: Logical drive failure is when the file system or the Meta data becomes corrupt for a host of reasons. The operating system may no longer see or access the files, drive or device. For example, in layman terms, suppose if we are posting a beautiful greeting card (your file, image or documents) to our friend and we stuck the address label (the file index, with meta data size, clusters, location, etc) on the postcard and in the transition process that label smudged, became wet or fell off - your greeting card no longer has an address and the system does not know where to send it (being the location of the data to be read). In this case the postman could not deliver the card and it became a lost card (the card exists but the ability to see it is gone). Similarly, the data remains on the disk but parameters related to data got lost. There could be different reasons of logical drive failure: Partition table corruption, Boot record corruption, Reformatting the hard disk, Accidental deletion of data, Virus infection, MFT records corruption, Bad Sectors and many more.

Media corruption of head logical failure. Data recovery should be made to a secondary drive or external storage media before repair to the file system is attempted. This will prevent further damage to the data or permanent, unrecoverable loss.

Physical Drive Failure: As the drives are the mechanical assemblies and made up of a motor, platter(s), head(s), and circuit board (PCB) and a host of other components. When your drive is not capable of being accessed by your system or not able to celibate (hear the clicking sound) are common symptoms of drive failure. The reasons may be due to the following: Head crash, Media scratches, damage to platters, Servo/motor failure, Head struck on platter, Head Stuck, Firmware issues, Bad Sectors, PCB failure (host of reasons), Actuator circuit failure and many more scenario’s.

These are the most common, but many other events could cause data loss, including, but not limited to catastrophic issues like flood, fire, hurricane etc.

If you experience a failure of your device, shut down the power to the drive and should any strange noises, smell or no sound at all be heard, attempting to power on the drive or attempting self-recovery may cause further media or physical damage to a drive in such a situation. Contact CSSI India, or fill in the online ‘request a data recovery’ and a skilled representative will contact you immediately.

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