1 → I only need small/a few files on my hard drive. Why does it cost the same as recovering the whole drive.

The files you need is only decided when you have the whole data structure in front of you and for gaining that data structure we have to scan the whole drive to retrieve all the data. This scanning would be preceded sector by sector and take a big amount of time that a full data filled drive take and this is the only reason why the cost is equivalent for more files or less files.

2 → What is data recovery?

Data recovery is an operation on data to recover whether the file were accidently deleted or a virus wiped out a boot record, the drive was formatted or even it is no longer accessed by the operating system. Any of the scenario my be the reason of your data loss.

3 → Is my data recoverable?

Data which looks genuine on a computer screen is actually a soft electrical impulse on a metal plate. Data is recoverable until and unless the hard drive not get scratched. A scratching metal plate of hard drive creates bad sectors which are not readable in data recovery process. Other than this all should be recovered.

4 → What is our Evaluation/ Diagnostic process?

Before data recovery, deep analysis should be done just to know the extent of damage.
Step 1: To determine the drive functioning, whether a hard drive is failing physically or if the drive is a part of software recovery by technicians.
Step 2: If there is no physical damage now the next step is to run the data recovery utility. It is necessary to monitor progress. If the hard drive starts making unusual noises, we stop scanning immediately and turn off your computer. It means drive having some initial problem.
Step 3: Monitor the rate of progress for the utility, usually there will be a count of sectors read, the count should steadily increase and it should not stop till scanning ends. If the count or progress does not stop, the scan should be terminated and the computer powered down.
Step 4: Next step is to analyze the condition of the data recovered, whether the files are opening correctly or the file are corrupted.
Step 5: It is important to determine if a drive has any physical failure before attempting to recover the data using a utility. By the analysis to drive, we will contact to the concern person for further approvals.

5 → How long do the evaluation / Diagnostics take?

We have a strong, eager to complete our work in a limited period of time. Generally it takes 2-3 days after receiving the hard drive. The exceeding time is dependent upon the problems run across.
Firstly, we have to recognize the whether the drive previously tested somewhere or not, this will be more harmful for data to be recovered or it can harm data as well. Imaging of the files may itself take long hours to be completed.
The diagnostic process some may take long hours after which we are capable of informing you, our representative would have words with you and will explain all troubling factors occurring.

6 → How long does the actual recovery take?

In most of the scenarios recovery will be completed in 2-3 days or hardly 10 days, basically recovery time depends on the condition and capability of the hard drive that it can bear the recovery processes or not and mainly on the size of the drive.
Through this we design a hierarchy how to work on a drive to recover data.

7 → Can I recover my file using Norton and other disk utilities?

Yes, you can recover your files using other utilities as well, but the main point of emphasis is to understand the glitch and a glitch should only understood by a technician. So, we suggest when you face these circumstances, hurry up and contact an expertise for data recovery.

8 → Rush data recovery services?

We understand the importance of time, though we arrange a variety of fast-track service which is more useful for you and for us too. We decide our rush charges keeping in mind how a person needs his priceless data back. Our price is 80$ for analysis and recovery both.

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