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Hard Disk Data recovery

CSSI data recovery provides affordable and appropriate data recovery for media like hard disk drives. Hard disk drives are the prime storage solution that are used for data storage in the recent time. Data recovery from HDD involves recovery of all of your media data resides on hard disk drive. Our award winning data recovery service for numerous storage media like deleted/formatted data from HDD, SSD, SD Card, Pen Drive, RAID etc.

Remote Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery is a one of data recovery service that provides the fastest, convenient, and appropriate data recovery solution for data loss situations. This data recovery is associated with remote client location and recovery is processed from the client location remotely. Computer storage services provides remote data recovery services for almost every storage media provided the user ensures that media is mounted in the system and that system is connected via internet.

Photo Recovery

Recover deleted photos and other media files with CSSI. We provide best and appropriate data recovery services for the data which are accidently deleted or lost from the storage media and for which there is required data recovery services. Recover photos from digital camera, SD card, Flash Drives, Memory cards and Optical Disk’s, Hard disk Drives and also from other storage media that are primarily used for media storage purpose in the real time.

Raid Recovery

Computer storage services India offers quality service for Raid Data Recovery. We are professional data recovery company possess expertise in Raid Data Recovery as well as other data recovery services. Working with professional Data Recovery and Raid Recovery experts our team is well capable and can provides real time solution for all types of data recovery from Raid configuration along with SAN/NAS server data recovery.

About IndiaCSSI

CSSI is well known data recovery and associate service provider company in India as well as numerous locations around the globe. We provide services for Hard disk data recovery, Raid recovery, Flash Card recovery, SSD data recovery, Photo recovery and for every type of data recovery needs as per hardware configuration and data lost scenario’s. With our Global presence, specialists and technicians from companies such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Quantum and Conner who have developed the recovery technologies used by CSSI today, places our company as a Global Professional data recovery firm.

Recover With CSSI

CSSI Data Recovery Services

We Recover Data

Computer Storage services India (CSSI) provides data recovery and associated services to the end user. Having been in operation since 1995, CSSI today complete 21 years of successful operation, and growing clientele base. Our development and technology have resulted in our software suite, equipment and Class 100 clean room being on par with the top facilities in the world. CSSI possess expertise in data recovery and associated services. With its global presence and world class data recovery environment we assured complete data recovery for our customers. We provide appropriate data recovery services from Hard disk drives, SSD, Flash Drives, Memory cards, Raid, servers and almost every storage media.

Lumin Software

Data Recovery Software are also available you can try our data recovery software from . Lumin. This will help the user to recovery their data on their home and recover data from media in case of logical more

Windows Data Recovery:

Windows are most basic operating system used worldwide nowadays. Have you ever stuck in a situation like you accidentally lost your data. The data loss may be caused by various ways, it may be due to computer viruses, accidentally deleted or even formatted, drive corruptions etc. In all scenarios, there need of data recovery, data recovery is followed procedure for the retrieval of lost or corrupted data. It involves wide technical research over a data structure and file format that’s why there always be a special procedure for different read more

Mac Data Recovery:

Macintosh or Mac is Apple designed personal computers which are widely used PC all over the world. It works on the operating system called Mac OS and Mac OS X introduced by Apple. The difference in operating system comprises a different file system according to which data structure is defined. The classic Mac OS which is based on the HFS file system followed by a HFS+ file system with OS X. The storage media used with Mac systems contain data according to the respective file system either HFS or HFS+. When we talk about recovery it’s all about finding back the deleted read more

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